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A Best Environmental, LLC - (503) 492-2885 Portland OR - Tacoma WA - Seattle WA - Vancouver WA - Eugene OR Made with Xara Experience matters!  We have been providing safe healthy living environments for ten years Providing environmentally safe living for your family in Portland, Oregon Radon System installed and painted to match Our radon testing and mitigation services are second to none!  Our installation goal is to reduce radon levels not just to EPA recommendations, but significantly lower, thereby further reducing your family’s exposure.  We include features and guarantees that other contractor’s can’t match! Radon Testing and Mitigation Garabage and spent chemical containers in Seattle drub lab A Best Environmental has processed over 500 drug contaminated properties, and currently performs over two-thirds of all drug property testing and cleanups in Washington and Oregon.  We always guarantee the lowest price on any drug lab test or cleanup in the Northwest! Drug Contaminated Properties Testing and Cleanup Mold on drywall in SE Portland We provide mold mold inspection, mold testing, and mold removal.  Our testing includes air sampling and surface sampling.  Our mold abatement services use state of the art environmentally safe removal methods that insure the mold is killed, removed, and abated from future growth! Mold Inspection, Testing, and Mitigation Testing popcorn ceiling in Tacoma Our AHERA Certified inspector can provide you with fast response, quick turn-around, and economical pricing per sample.  Our one-day and two-day rates are the best in the industry! Asbestos Testing Economical solutions  Insuring your family’s health through economical environmental solutions Protecting your family from mold, radon, drug contamination, and asbestos in Portland, Tacoma, and Seattle