A Best Environmental, LLC - (503) 492-2885 Portland OR - Tacoma WA - Seattle WA - Vancouver WA - Eugene OR A Best Environmental Radon Testing We offer radon testing using the latest testing technology.  We produce an hour by hour chart that will display radon level, humidity, temperature, pressure, and EPA action level.  A two to four day test can reveal how radon levels change with daily activity and weather conditions.  The test will help determine the risk level your family is experiencing due to radon exposure. We price our radon testing at very affordable levels and are Portland’s most reasonable radon testing company.  If your home needs mitigation then the price of radon testing will apply to the system cost.  While our mitigation results are second to none, we still guarantee to be Portland’s lowest price on any radon testing or installation. Sample Pre-Test  Radon test taken before system installation Radon Reduction  Sample Pre-test.  Black line is radon level, red marker line is 4.0 pCi/l, green is pressure, blue is humidity, red is temperature.  Average was 5.5 pCi/l Call us for a free consultation or quote.  We are available all waking hours, and can usually give an approximate price immediately! Phone:  503-492-2885  -  Fax:  503-549-8743 Email: info@abestenvironmental.com